Need a dosimetry equipment or service ?

You aim to purchase an equipment or a service for passive dosimetry in well identified application field:


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 Patient Dosimetry

  • External Radiation Oncology
  • Brachytherapy
  • Radiodiagnostic

Dosimétrie des travailleurs et des zones

  • Occupational exposure investigation (eyelens, hand, whole body)
  • Individual and area dose monitoring
  • ALARA procedure


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  • Dose estimation on a material during a given process

  • Radioactive source and room characterisation (dose rate mapping)

  • Individual dose monitoring

  • Area monitoring


  • Individual and area dose monitoring
  • Occupational exposure investigation (eyelens, hand, whole body)
  • ALARA guideline
  • Area monitoring


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  • Estimation of spaceship's shielding agains

  • Individual dose monitoring for cabin crew

  • Estimation of doses uptaken by components in and out the atmosphere

DOSEXPERT aims to help you in your choice. We propose you the most suitable solutions throught a deep study according to the following specifications:

  • Kind of technology: RPL,OSL, TLD,... 
  • Measuring chain  (reader + dosimeter) : angle-energy, reproducibility, repeatability
  • Feedback on the devices : scientific work, papers, talks,...
  • Financial : Purchase cost, edible cost (dosemeters, spare parts), maintance, custom fees,...
  • Ergonomics
  • Operationnal and IT : Yield, flux, database and laboratory management, human ressources
  • Time : delivery, remote maintenance, onsite intervention,...

7 points to trust DOSEXPERT

  • We are independant regarding equipment manufacturers and laboratories. It enables also mixted provider proposal.
  • You save money thanks to negotiated prices with providers
  • Go on a turnkey solution! With our combinated quality consulting (ISO 17025, ISO 9001,...) in laboratory management and audit, your laboratory may be delivered key in hand.

  • You safely purchase a studied solution to your project.
  • We shall defend your interest before during and after the sale..
  • Expertise : This service lies at the heart of our buisness and skills.
  • You save time thanks to a coordinated study and optimized study on the worldwide providers.