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Founder and president at DOSIMETRIE EXPERT SAS

     Some day, a friend cardiologist told me: " Radiation protection is a waste of time! Because of it, I am slowed down? Plus, I always keep fit!" . At this time, I explained with simple words that few of his fellow members were suffering from hand and eye-lens hurts and the end of their career. I added that they did not wear their dosemeters and they did not care about late radiation effects due to uncontrolled X ray used. 

After a while, He asked me to carried out a dosimetry study in his intervention room. We measured with and without leaden glasses. Couple weeks later, results come. At this time, He said « You convinced me, i will at least wear leaden glasses »

   This exemple is not alone. During my experience of dosimetry and radiation safety engineer , I often noticed  radiological hazard can be also underestimated and overestimated. Moreover, this story enabled me to draw the following conclusions:

  1. Dose assessment  or dosimetry is at the hear of radiation protection

  2. Public regards more dosimetry as a constraint than a help

  3. If the dosimetry is correctly made or interpreted, it is of a big help for initiatives of prevention and control of the radiological risks. 

...make great rivers

From these notices, I founded DOSIMETRIE EXPERT SAS in 2015 on the plateau de Saclay near Paris with DOSEXPERT as a registered trademark. Near notorious institutions as Commissariat à l’Énergie Atomique (French nuclear reasearch facility), DOSEXPERT aims to facilitate dosimetry applications for radiation safety and healthcare professionals in France and in World throught his missions:

  1. Training on dosimetry and radiation safety: laboratory management, theory, regulation, reading,...
  2. Consulting in purchase of equipment and services of doses measurements according to target applications, technical, ergonomic, financial specification.

  3. Expertise in analysing dosimetric results in investigation and scentific work context.

Adaptation, Honorability, Passion

Through this experience, it always seemed to me essential to have a dialogue with the public in a adapted, fascinated and honorable way. Dosimetry and the Radiation protection can be regarded as complex and sometimes useless. We believe that dosimetry and radiation protection must be understandable. Although regulation is accessible by all, a standardized and impersonal speech often turns out to be ineffective. Every individual has his own problems and expectations: We have to adapt us to it.

The dosimetry is overall a measure. This one can thus serve to watch the exposure level of the workers in routine but also to verify a basic hypothesis within the framework of an investigation. Dosimetry results processing has to be made in a honorable and independent way. Indeed, the social, legal, economic and organizational consequences can be consequent at the end of an investigation. The global report must so be objective and factual. The participants of DOSEXPERT thus make a commitment in an honorable attitude during the execution of the services.

 dosimetry and radiation protection are for us passions that we have pleasure to share. Indeed, these disciplines can include as well in the domains of health, nuclear industry or not, research, aerospace... We thus have to know your context before leading initiatives of trainings, expertise and consulting: that's what fascinates us!