Your Context

You have to manage a individual dose monitoring laboratory, prevent your colleagues from eye-lens exposure or wants to perform measurements with passive dosimeters,...

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Dosimetry and radiation safety are consequently  a part of your missions:

"How could i get closer of ISO 17025 requirements for my laboratory of individual dose monitoring? "

"My country will limit the eye-lens exposure to 20 mSv or less according to ICRP recommendations: How could i manage it in my structure ? "

" Does my laboratory satisfy the customers regarding their support request?"

" How could i manage a control dosimeter returned late?"

" How could i make sure that my measurement are accurate and precise in routine?"

" My customer asks me more details about a measurement, how could i answer him efficiently?"

You have consequently these questions but not necessarily the answers...

Our Solutions

In order to help you in your missions and so answer to these questions, DOSEXPERT proposes relevant trainings specialized in dosimetry and radiation safety fields:


Duration (days) 

  • Individual dose monitoring laboratory management
3 to 5 days en fr es
  • Answer to customer technical request in a dosimetry laboratory context
1 to 2 days en fr es
  • Radiation safety of eye-lens
1 to 2 days en fr es
  • Complete Laboratory Audit (Technical, Operational, customer relations, Quality) preparing to ISO 17025 accreditation
2 to 3 days en fr es


 *Other languages are possible with an interpreter. Additional fees to anticipate

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